Great Outback Cooking

Broaden your horizon with an active no-nonsense cooking adventure. Discover the exotic taste of the australian kitchen. Always wanted to prepare and taste kangaroe and crocodile? Choose one of our 2 daring cooking adventures and ‘get the taste Down Under, mate!’

the Bush Bites

Cook a surprising wilderness meal on open wood fires. Sink your teeth in a crocodile for a change.

the Ozzie Pot

Experience the story of a pioneers meal, simmering cast iron cooking pots on a smouldering fire.

the Aussie BBQ

Too worn out to cook yourselves after an intense day Down Under? Relax and let yourself be pampered at a laid-back Aussie BBQ, where crocodile and kangaroo are on the menu for sure.

NB. Winter or summer, rain or sun? No worries mate, we arranged for a perfect bad weather scenario that will guarantee the mainline of the program will remain intact!

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Great Outback Cooking
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