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Arrived in Australia at last. A real challenge to build a new life in this strange land, especially at the time of the first pioneers.

Take on the struggle to cultivate your piece of land in this inhospitable place. Which team has created a habitable place and fertalized the parched land first?

Unique challenges await the teams. First send your family in the Netherlands a telegram to let them know that you came across in one piece. To create a homely atmosphere, construct a chair, make a cosy fire to sit by... Then the real work starts, levelling a road, chasing away roo's with boomerangs and constructing a water supply.

Settled? Time for a exciting party with the neighbours to bond and strenghten the mutal relationships with axe throwing, fishing with hoops, toiletseat tossing, unchaining the horseshoe, and lasso throwing.

Competition, but also dependency between "the neighbours" (teams) color the game with strategic decisions. Fortune or misfortune can change the odds.

Pioneers survive this harsh land by co-operation and perseverance. Does your team have the true pioneers spirit.

A strategic game with a high fun-factor, a test full of action, competition, teamwork, strategy, negotiation and creative thinking.

"The neighbours" will be jealous when the winning team can choose from a variety of original australian presents.


N.B: Accessible for everyone. Active, not sporty, with an emphasis on insight and strategy.
Pioneers Quest is preferably outdoor, but can be done indoor for the most part, depending on the weather.

Duration: 3 hours indoor - 3.5 hours outdoor.  Can be shortened.

Location: any suitable location, can be done both indoor and outdoor. 

Number of attendees: 4 - 36 persons.

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Pioneers Quest
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